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Pest control in Tucson falls into one of two categories — reactive or proactive. Reactive pest treatments address pests that are already in the home and use a variety of sprays and treatments to control burgeoning populations. Proactive pest treatments, on the other hand, stop pests even before they set foot in your house. These services protect entry points, doorways, and other sensitive areas with an impenetrable barrier of time-tested solutions. 

At Conquistador Pest & Termite, we believe that defense is the best offense against pests of all kinds. Our revolutionary and proactively based exclusion work stops pests from ever reaching your home, business, or indoor space. We've helped hundreds of property owners find the peace of mind they deserve, spotting countless potential infestations from bedding down around local properties.

Our Exclusion Work Program In Tucson

Repairing parts of a home with exclusion work

Conquistador Pest & Termite has never seen a job we couldn't handle. Even if the project is larger than what our team can manage alone, we'll partner up with skilled, trusted contractors to oversee the work to completion. 

Common areas that our exclusion work will seal include: 

  • Door sweeps 
  • Garage door seals 
  • J-trim where stucco meets the foundation 
  • Vent holes on fascia boards 
  • Attic vents 
  • Crawl space vents (under the house) 
  • Crawl space access (under the house) 
  • AC line entrances into the house 
  • Gaps between eaves, roofs, and exterior walls 

The products we use for exclusion work reflect our commitment to excellence in all things. We rely on Rodent Stop Caulking to protect your property with years of successful results, as well as Xcluder brand products to lock down vulnerable parts of the property. Finally, we install steel mesh and hardware cloth around critical points of your building to mitigate large pest activity or potential scouts. 

Please note that this exclusion service is to prevent rodents, large insects, and other pests from traveling into your home on their own. If you are experiencing a 'hitchhiking' pest infestation, such as bed bugs or fleas, they may require a different treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Exclusion work from Conquistador Pest & Termite works by sealing, clearing, and mitigating pest activity before it gets into your building. We caulk, block, and mesh entry points with state-of-the-art tools — not relying on short-term sprays or semipermeable barriers.

Conquistador Pest & Termite Has Your Best Interests In Mind

Never let another pest infestation get past you again. With the affordable exclusion work provided by Conquistador Pest & Termite, you can rest easy at night, knowing your home is an impenetrable fortress against species of all kinds. From meshing and caulking to door sweeps and more, we have what you need to get the job done right. 

Let us conquer what bugs you today! Get in touch with Conquistador Pest & Termite to request a free estimate for commercial or residential pest control exclusion. 

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