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Pest Control In Tucson

Tucson, AZ, is a true embodiment of everything the American Southwest has to offer. Founded in 1775, Tucson is situated in the lovely Sonoran Desert region, bringing us 350 days of sunshine per year. From scenic mountain ranges to giant saguaro cacti throughout the desert, there’s so much beauty to enjoy here in Tucson. Unfortunately, local pest populations also love it here, and that means our homes and businesses are vulnerable to pest infestation on a regular basis.

If you’re looking for quality pest control in Tucson, look no further than Conquistador Pest & Termite. We are a local, family-owned and operated company that has been servicing the greater Tucson area since 1977. If you own a home or business in southern Arizona and you want to secure unparalleled pest protection, you’ve come to the right place.

We are proud to provide pest control and termite services for homeowners, commercial properties, real estate agents, and general contractors, offering the “Ultimate Level of Service” through quality and experience. Contact us today to request your free estimate, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Residential Pest Control In Tucson

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Your Tucson home is vulnerable to household pest infestation, and the best way to protect yourself is to call in your local pest professionals. Here at Conquistador Pest & Termite, we've worked with over 3,500 residences, providing complete residential pest control solutions. Our process includes the following:


  • Discussing concerns with the customer to determine what bugs they are seeing 
  • Conducting a visual inspection inside and outside to discover evidence of bugs 
  • Speaking with the customer about what products we plan to use for treatment


  • Targeted for specific pest problem at hand
  • Placement of organic dust under appliances 
  • Treating entry points and around furniture that does not move 
  • Exterior treatments based on what the tech has provided
  • Treating grass lawn, doing de-webbing

After treatment is complete, we return for follow-up as needed. Along with our basic pest services, we also offer additional treatments for weed control, pack rat nest removal, and eco-friendly services upon request. Reach out to us today to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Tucson

Our team is proud to protect over 150 local businesses with complete commercial pest solutions. We specialize in bird control and mosquito control for all kinds of facilities, such as churches, office buildings, strip malls, medical offices, warehouses, assisted living facilities, and auto shops. 

After performing a detailed inspection and speaking to the office manager, our service techs note problem areas and identify all pest problems throughout the property. We choose the property treatment method and products and apply them correctly in targeted areas to rid your infestation from the inside out. Reach out to us to discuss your commercial pest control needs today.

Answers To Common Scorpion Questions In Tucson

Scorpions are dangerous pests that are common in arid areas like the southwest. Discovering scorpions on your property is a real nightmare, especially when there’s so much about them you may not know. Here are some answers to common scorpion questions in Tucson:

What Is So Dangerous About Scorpions?

  • Scorpions have a stinger at the end of their long tail, which they use to either kill their prey or defend themselves. When they sting, scorpions inject their venom into their prey's bodies, causing various adverse health consequences. 

What Can I Do To Avoid Scorpions?

  • The best way to stay away from scorpions is to avoid walking barefoot around your home, pool, or garage. Also, regularly shake out bed sheets, clothing, and shoes to ensure no scorpions are hiding inside them. 

Is It Possible To Prevent Scorpion Entry?

  • To stop scorpions from getting inside, it’s a good idea to use caulk to seal cracks and holes on the outside of the property. It’s also good to seal up/block off the garage and entry doors. Something else to keep in mind is to regularly repair damaged window and door screens.

The only guaranteed way to guard your property against scorpion activity is to reach out to your local pest professionals. Contact Conquistador Pest & Termite today for complete scorpion control and prevention services. We’re here to help protect your Tucson property all year long. 

Why Tucson Homeowners Need Termite Protection

Termites are common area invaders that all local homeowners should be aware of around their property. These destructive pests can cause real issues around your home because there are a variety of negative consequences that come with termite activity. Here are some reasons why Tucson homeowners need termite protection: 

  • Termites cause large-scale property damage that costs a fortune and causes safety concerns.
  • Termites cause the overall structure of your home to weaken and cause perilous damage.
  • Termites feed on cellulose, including wood, cardboard, structural timbers, etc.
  • Termites grow their colonies to spread quickly around your home and become unmanageable.

To effectively protect yourself from these consequences, the best thing to do is secure trusted termite protection from the pest professionals. Conquistador Pest & Termite is proud to provide dependable termite control and prevention services that protect your home from these wood eaters all year long. Call today to learn more about our termite control services. 

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