Pest Control In Tortolita, AZ

Effective Pest Control In Tortolita, AZ

A census-designated place in Pima County, Tortolita is just northwest of Tucson, Arizona. About a 25-minute drive to the city, Tortolita is a beautiful desert community with easy access to the hiking trails of the Tortolita Mountains. Whether you prefer a rural or urban environment, you can find what you’re looking for in or near Tortolita.

Due to our weather, pests are a year-round concern for Tortolita homes and businesses. If you don’t do anything to protect your property from pests, they will find their way into your structure. Pest control in Pima County is available from Conquistador Pest & Termite. A local, multi-generational, family-owned business, Conquistador Pest & Termite has provided quality pest control to Tortolita since 1977. We are proud to set the standard for excellence in our industry.

Residential Pest Control In Tortolita

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Discovering pests in your Tortolita home is not a fun surprise. You don’t want uninvited insects or small animals moving in with you, and you can be certain that they will not be good house guests. Pests are troublemakers; they make messes, spread germs, and destroy your home and belongings. If you find pests in your house, you need to do something to get rid of them, and the best thing you can do is contact Conquistador Pest & Termite.

Residential pest control companies may be plentiful in our area, but few have the experience and skills that Conquistador Pest & Termite has. We’ve been serving Tortolita for over 45 years and are committed to providing our customers with the ultimate level of service. When you contact us for residential pest control, we’ll ask for your concerns, perform a visual inspection to identify your pest issues, and treat your home to the specific treatments it needs to eliminate your pest problem. In addition to services that eliminate active pests, routine services are available to protect your home from future pest infestations.

Commercial Pest Control In Tortolita

Your Tortolita business takes a lot of time and effort to make it a success. Seeing your hard work pay off is gratifying, but encountering problems that limit your success can be disheartening. Knowing what problems you might encounter ahead of time can help you avoid those problems. One such problem is a pest infestation. Pests are common in Tortolita, and they often get into commercial facilities. You can prevent pests and the many serious issues they cause by taking action before they invade.

The best commercial pest control company for all of your commercial pest control needs is Conquistador Pest & Termite. We’ve been protecting businesses from pests since 1977. Offering comprehensive services from our inspection through our recurring follow-up treatments, you’ll see the difference it makes to have a local company working for you that has made it our mission to provide the ultimate level of service to each of our customers. We’ll tailor a pest control plan to your business’s needs to protect it from pests.

How To Keep Weeds Out Of Your Tortolita Lawn

Dealing with weeds in your Tortolita yard can often feel like an exercise in frustration. No sooner do you take care of one batch, another batch pops up to take its place. If you’ve tried sprays and other treatments without success and you don’t know where to turn, contact Conquistador Pest & Termite. We provide weed control for lawns that will stop weeds from growing on your Tortolita lawn.

We provide pre-emergent weed control services that stop weeds before they grow. We perform this service twice a year. Additionally, we offer services to eliminate live weeds on your lawn as an add-on service. To learn more, contact Conquistador Pest & Termite today.

5 Signs Of Termites To Watch For Around Your Tortolita Property

Termites are a big problem in Tortolita. They thrive in our climate, and any house not protected from termites is at risk of ending up with an infestation. Evidence of termite damage can be hard to spot, so you need to know what to look for in order to identify a termite infestation in your Tortolita home.

  1. Mud tubes. Small, pencil-width tubes made out of mud found along your foundation walls, either outside or inside.
  2. Small pin-sized holes in exposed wood.
  3. Small piles of frass (a substance that looks like sawdust) on the ground below holes in exposed wood.
  4. Shed wings. These are often near windows.
  5. Drooping or buckling walls, ceilings, and floors.

If any of the above signs are present in your home, contact Conquistador Pest & Termite right away. The sooner you treat a termite infestation, the better. We offer the services you need to eliminate an active termite colony and prevent new termites from getting into your home. Several methods of termite control are available to meet your needs. Contact us today to get started.

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