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Corona de Tucson, Arizona, is a suburban town that offers residents an exceptional place to call home with a rural, small-town atmosphere. It provides people with the benefits of living in a close-knit, family-friendly community. Corona de Tucson is located in the Santa Rita foothills and is adjacent to the Coronado National Forest, which provides beautiful views and plenty of outdoor activities for everyone. 

Just like people love to call Corona de Tucson home, so do many pests. These pests have plenty of outdoor spaces to take advantage of away from homes and businesses, but many have adapted to living near people. It is common for pests to migrate from their more rural habitats to be close to where we live. Insects, rodents, and other pests have learned that there will likely be easy access to their basic necessities wherever there are people. 

Conquistador Pest & Termite offers effective pest control in Corona de Tucson to combat pests on your property. Our locally owned business has protected Arizona customers from annoying, dangerous, and destructive pests since 1977. Read here to learn more about our high-quality residential and commercial pest control solutions.

Residential Pest Control In Corona de Tucson

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You should never have to share your home with the pests that call Corona de Tucson home. Our region is home to some unsavory invaders that have no business inside our houses. Unfortunately, our hot temperatures and low rainfall make it common for pests to move indoors, seeking shelter from temperature extremes and searching for food and moisture sources. 

To conquer the pests that have found a way into your home, we offer homeowners the resource of our effective home pest control solutions. Our general home pest control service includes:

  • A free estimate

  • A thorough inspection

  • Developments of a tailored treatment program

  • Routine follow-up visits

  • Service-to-service guarantee

Added benefits to choosing Conquistador Pest & Termite are same-day services when possible, emergency bee control, and services backed by warranties. To start maintaining a pest-free home, contact us today and learn more about home pest control in Corona de Tucson.

Commercial Pest Control In Corona de Tucson

Running a business is not for the weak; there are many small details that you can’t ignore. Pest control is one of the small details that you should never overlook. Implementing regular pest control services for your commercial property is crucial to your business's success. Nothing can ruin the reputation of your business like mosquitoes swarming your guests, birds taking over your parking lot, or a mouse scurrying across the floor. 

At Conquistador Pest & Termite, we offer exceptional commercial pest control in  Corona de Tucson. When you trust us with your business's pest control needs, you can expect the following:

  • Customized plans

  • Warrantied treatments

  • Quick response times

  • The option of monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services 

Some of the many types of businesses we serve include churches, auto shops, warehouses, medical offices, and assisted living facilities. We are committed to local business owners and to exceeding their expectations. To learn more, please contact us today and speak with one of our friendly professionals.

Why Pack Rats Are A Serious Concern For Corona de Tucson Homeowners

When talking about pack rats, it is usually in reference to someone with a habit of hanging onto too many things and storing them in basements or attics. But did you know pack rats are actual animals — rodents, to be more specific? Pack rats or wood rats, as they’re also called, are grey to brown rodents that grow six to eight inches long. Unlike other rats in our area, pack rats have furry tails. 

To build a nest, pack rats go around and gather whatever they find. A pack rat nest can contain jewelry, coins, socks, sticks, wires, small toys, and anything else they can wrap their paws around. They like building their nests in dark, sheltered areas like attics, wall voids, sheds, cars, and even grills. 

Pack rats are problematic because their nesting habits cause them to chew through wires, which can lead to serious problems like short circuits, damaged electrical equipment, and fires. When pack rats find their way to your property, it doesn’t take them long to cause extensive damage. These pests can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage in a very short time period. 

If you ever suspect that pack rats have found their way to your Corona de Tucson property, Conquistador Pest & Termite can help. We will find the pack rats and their nesting sites and perform the services necessary to remove them. We proudly offer rodent control in Corona De Tucson that you can count on to completely solve your pest infestation!

Tips To Avoid Scorpion Stings In Corona de Tucson

Scorpions are pests that thrive in Arizona’s desert climate. They live outside but call our yards and gardens home more often than we would like. These arachnids also have a knack for squeezing through small cracks and crevices and entering our Corona de Tuscon homes. 

Scorpion stings are most likely to happen after someone encounters a scorpion in one of their secluded hiding spots. Avoiding scorpion stings is important not only because they are extremely painful but because their venom is potent enough to cause health problems in some people. 

To help you avoid being on the receiving end of scorpion sting, we want to offer some of our most helpful scorpion prevention tips:

  • Wear gloves when going into dark storage areas and opening storage boxes.

  • Wear long pants, shoes, and gardening gloves when working outside in gardens.

  • Before putting on shoes or clothing, shake them out to dislodge hiding scorpions.

  • Before getting into bed, pull down your sheets and comforter and inspect your bed for hiding scorpions.

  • Seal cracks and crevices in your home’s exterior and ensure screens and weatherstripping are intact to help prevent scorpions from entering your home.

  • Repair leaky pipes, fixtures, and hoses that provide scorpions with a reliable food source. 

Scorpion control in Corona de Tucson is best performed by a local and experienced pest control professional. The experts at Conquistador Pest & Termite will provide you with reliable scorpion inspection, treatment, and prevention services.

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