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Termites in Tucson are becoming a pervasive problem. More and more homeowners report latent infestations, while commercial properties and specialty buildings have ramped up their protection programs for several years in a row. Moisture control and prevention steps are helpful but cannot and will not be enough to keep them completely at bay. 

Conquistador Pest & Termite is all too aware of the increasing impact of termites, striving to reduce their spread right from the source. We offer hard-hitting, highly customizable termite control plans that adapt to every need. Simply give us a call, choose your preferred treatment, and watch as your termite troubles melt away. 

Our Termite Control Program

Termite infestation in a home

Termite work from Conquistador Pest & Termite starts with a thorough inspection of the property. We will investigate your crawl spaces, look through basements and wall voids, and use our years of experience to locate a potential rooted colony. Once completed, your assigned technicians will develop a treatment plan based on your needs, taking into consideration your flooring and foundation build. 

There are five different types of treatments offered by Conquistador Pest & Termite: 

  • Down drill: We drill through concrete patios, garages, carports, and possibly the floor of the house. The depth we drill will be roughly four inches from where the concrete pad butts the structure, with holes 3/8 of an inch deep and 12 to 18 inches apart. Once complete, we patch the holes with the best matching color possible. 
  • Angle drill: We drill through the concrete stem wall of the structure and treat the expansion joint. We’ll come down about 4 to 6 inches from the top of the floor and drill a 3/8-inch hole every 12 to 18 inches apart. We patch these holes with a matching color. 
  • Trench and treat exterior foundation: We dig a 2 to 4-inch trench around the foundation of your structure. We apply treatment, schedule a follow-up visit, and bury the trench immediately. 
  • Foamed plumbing areas: We will install a small hole by your plumbing protrusions and apply a foaming product to each area. As always, we patch all holes upon completion.
  • Trelona bait stations: Our team will install bait stations around your property. Trelona bait stations offer a superior design to competitors, providing proven success with faster results.

We outline each of these termite approaches in a custom-tailored graph proposing how we will treat your structure and defend your property. If you like what you see, we get started right away! 

When we complete our termite treatments, we will have addressed your entire infestation. We leave as little evidence as possible of our treatments and perform an extensive follow-up visit 30 to 60 days later. Backed by our expert customer service and one-year termite warranty, we ensure our treatment was effective, your infestation is gone, and all patching was monitored and accomplished correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Home and business owners in Tucson are at an extremely high risk of termite infestations. Damages and population sizes have reached an all-time high over the past few years, although experts admit there is no way to know if or when we reach the threshold. With so much at stake, regular treatments, inspections, and prevention steps are critical for avoiding termite damage. Conquistador Pest & Termite will be happy to create a custom plan for your needs.

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Termite infestations are tough, but Conquistador Pest & Termite is even tougher. Backed by years of experience, cutting-edge technology, and the quality treatments our clients expect, we can prevent and remove any sort of infestation within just a few simple visits. And with a full one-year warranty by your side, you can rest easy in weeks to come. 

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