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All About Pack Rats

Rodents are like gymnasts and little Houdinis!

Rodents invade an estimated 21 million U.S. home every year, especially when it gets cold. They are looking for shelter and food and they only need an opening the size of dime to squeeze in. Rodents are good jumpers, climbers and swimmers. In fact, a mouse can jump a foot into the air, making it easy to get into kitchen counters and pantries.

Pack Rats carry diseases like the Hantavirus. In fact, pack rats and mice are known to spread over 35 diseases worldwide. When removing a rodent nest, it is important not to stir up the dust. It can be hazardous to breath in, if it contains bacteria. Other diseases can be spread to humans indirectly, through ticks, mites, or fleas that have fed on an infected rodent.

Pack Rat Elimination

Pack Rat with young

Conquistador Pest & Termite can help you with elimination, in addition to your regular Tucson pest control. Conquistador Pest can inspect your home and locate nests and potential nesting sites in the area. Once this is complete we can remove the rats, properly treat the nests to remove pests and parasites and finally completely remove the nest.

Live traps are popular to our clients, who don’t like the idea of killing an animal. However, there is controversy whether catch and release is humane. Releasing then becomes an issue because:

  • Rodents have to be released at least 350 ft away from their nest or they can find their way back
  • Releasing them in your neighbors yard is illegal
  • Rodents have a deep fear of new things. Therefore, they have a very low chance of survival if they are released into the wild as they are likely to starve, become dehydrated or be eaten by predators due to the unfamiliarity. 

Why Do I Need To Remove Pack Rats

Arizona pack rats and other rodents may appear cute but they can cause extensive damage to your property. Not only do pack rats damage and destroy landscaping, they can also chew through wiring and spoil food. Pack rats seek opportunities to nest in cars, A/C units and pool equipment and will chew through wiring creating thousands of dollars of damage. Their nests also harbor diseases other pests such as kissing bugs, brown spiders, mice and scorpions. Evidence that you have pack rats is gnawing and fecal pellets.

Their nests must be located and removed. Nests that are not located and properly removed may be reoccupied in an unending cycle.

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Don’t try to get rid of the rats on your own! Contact Conquistador Pest to help you with pack rat capture, removal and preventive measures. Read about the other Tucson pest control, services we offer.  We also provide termite control and weed control.

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