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Pests In Tucson, AZ

Many different types of pests can call our Tucson properties home. Learning about our region's most common pests is the best way to help keep them out of your house and away from your family and personal belongings.

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What are pests?

A pest is defined as a plant or animal that annoys, lives where it shouldn't, or causes harm to people, plants, crops, or structures of our homes. 

Many pests thrive in Tuscon our warm climate allows a wide variety to thrive year-round. Some of the most common pests in our region are:

  • Ants
  • Crickets
  • Flying ants
  • Silverfish

Learning about pest food preferences, preferred habitats, and behaviors is vital to keeping them out of your home. It is also essential to form a partnership with a local pest control expert!

Are pests dangerous?

In general, pests are more annoying than seriously dangerous. However, that doesn't mean we should ignore pests and let them live wherever they please. There are many problems that common household pests can cause, including:

  • Contaminating your family's food, food prep, and eating areas.
  • Causing stains on surfaces, upholstered furniture, walls, and bedding.
  • Chewing on fabrics and other items in your home. 
  • Producing unpleasant odors and annoying sounds.
  • Making you uncomfortable in your own home.

While most household pests aren't a serious threat, they are a problem and should be removed from indoor and outdoor spaces that they are taking over. Pest infestationsshould always be handled by a professional. 

Why do I have a pest problem?

Insects and many other pests have had to adapt to living near people. Pests have learned that there will be easy access to their basic needs where there are homes, businesses, and people. Things like gardens, trees, landscaping, trash cans, compost piles, outdoor eating areas, and our homes provide pests with reliable sources of food and shelter. Leaky faucets, pipes, and air conditioners provide Tucson's pests with vital water sources.

Where will I find pests?

Pest can be successful in a variety of outdoor and indoor spaces. 

Crickets and silverfish like to live in damp, dark areas and outside, gathering under mulch, fallen trees, piles of yard debris, trash cans, and compost. 

If it becomes too dry for these pests to be comfortable outside, they will migrate indoors, taking up residence inside crawl spaces, bathrooms, and storage areas. Any place in our homes that are warm and humid can become a place where crickets, silverfish, and other pests gather. 

More often than not, our Tucson outdoor yards provide ants with multiple food sources and nesting sites. As ants move from the nest each day to forage for food, they often wind up inside our homes. 

Ants will move in and out of your home each day in search of food, or they may decide to create a satellite inside your home. Common indoor ant nesting sites include wall voids, vents, insulation, structural wood, and spaces under floors or above ceilings. 

How do I get rid of pests?

Get rid of unwanted pests with the help of the Tucson pest professionals at Conquistador Pest & Termite. Let us provide you with the year-round pest control services necessary to keep flying, crawling, and jumping household pests out of your Tuscon home. Our professionals will perform a thorough inspection, an initial treatment, and provide ongoing services. Call today for more information about home pest control for ants and other common household pests in Tucson.

How can I prevent pests in the future?

Use the following prevention tips to stop pests from taking over your Tucson home.

  • Maintain a clean home, Regularly vacuum, dust, and wash dirty dishes. 
  • Store your family's food in the fridge or airtight containers.
  • Make sure outdoor eating areas are free of leftover food and sticky spills.
  • Make sure chimneys, vents, and drains leading into your home have screens. 
  • Fill in holes and gaps in your home's foundation and install door sweeps.
  • Rake leaves, weeds, and other debris back away from your foundation. 

For professional pest control in the Tucson area, and to stop pests from finding their way into your home, call us now!

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