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Common Pests In Tucson, AZ

There are many kinds of pests in Tucson. You’re likely familiar with many of them, but when they get into your home or business, you’ll probably start wondering things about them that you’ve never considered before. That’s when you should visit Conquistador Pest & Termite’s Pest Library. You’ll find information about the most common pests in Tucson, AZ and surrounding areas, so you know what to do about them.

Close up of an ant


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Close up of a bed bug

Bed Bugs

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a bee getting pollen from a white flower


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Close up of a pigeon


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Interesting profile view of cockroach


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close up of a blow fly


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Flying ants on a patio chair

Flying Ants

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a fly up close

Flying Insects

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Camel Cricket close up

General Pests

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Close up of a kissing bug

Kissing Bugs

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a mosquito on a person biting them


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Pack rat outdoors in an arid enviroment

Pack Rats

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Mouse crawling in dirt


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close up of a bark scorpion on rocks


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Close up of black widow


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Black carpenter beed on a flower

Stinging Insects

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Close up of a termite


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paper wasp on a branch


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