Why Use A Professional: The Dangers Of DIY Pest Control

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There are some misconceptions about professionals in my line of work that motivate DIY pest control enthusiasts to make some dangerous decisions.

One of my favorites is a famous caricature of an old town exterminator named Delbert McClintock (played by John Goodman) saying, “I will hunt down the alleged arachnid and spritz him to kingdom come” from the movie Arachnophobia. This popular 1990 film planted the idea that anyone with a truck, a spray can, and some chemicals can do pest control. And it’s a bad idea!

There’s a story of a man trying to treat his entire termite infested property with termiticide. He used a professional grade chemical designed to be used deep into the soil surrounding a home’s foundation. He sat on the ground, with a 5 gallon bucket, flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt, pouring this powerful chemical into trenches he had dug around his property. He was mixing the chemicals into the soil with his bare hands!  There is no way you would want to do something so dangerous.

The majority of hospitalizations due to pesticide and chemical exposure are people who were trying to do DIY pest control. 

But you may be looking for a way to save money, DIY pest control might seem like the way to do that. After all, you might think, “What can an exterminator do that I can’t!?”

We get it, we really do! When times are tough we’re always looking for ways to cut costs.

Pest Control is an important part of keeping your home safe. You want to avoid infestation of harmful insects, rodents, or animals. However, when it comes to DIY pest control there are a number of dangers that most homeowners are simply not aware of.

DIY Pest Control Dangers

The wealth of do-it-yourself knowledge on the internet these days can be very enticing. Homeowners that do not already subscribe to a pest control service, turn to YouTube do-it-yourselfers and will opt for DIY pest control products sold in hardware stores and home improvement retailers. These products are usually “safer” but ineffective alternatives. Other similar products are just weak, watered down versions of what professional pest control specialists use.

Some of the more determined do-it-yourselfers find companies that sell the same products commercial pest control companies use. While this method of DIY pest control may seem like a great way to save money, it comes with risks. Those do-it-yourself pro-grade pest control products can be very dangerous for not only your family and pets, but especially for you, and the person attempting to do the application.

The majority of hospitalizations due to pesticide and chemical exposure are people who were trying to do DIY pest control. Either they didn’t read the product warning labels carefully enough or didn’t understand how the mixtures worked (more is not always better). Often homeowners tackling the task do not take the right precautions or wear the necessary protective gear that professionals know to use. That’s why professional pest control services are always your best bet!

How To Prevent DIY Pest Control From Going Wrong

If you do decide to approach smaller and simpler infestations yourself, at least take these important precautions:

  • Thoroughly read the warning labels on pest control products before using them.
  • Always wear appropriate safety gear when applying chemicals, including gloves and a mask or respirator (depending on what type of product you are using). You want to be careful not to breathe in any fumes!
  • Always wear disposable protective clothing as you don’t want to risk getting chemicals in your laundry.
  • Never DIY pest control with children or pets around.
  • Use new tools that have never been used before specifically for DIY pest control jobs because old ones can still carry bacteria and viruses that could make someone sick.
  • Never mix chemicals together unless they are meant to be mixed together as this can cause toxic shock.
  • And always follow prescribed mixture amounts on product instructions. More product in a mixture does not mean it will work better.

The Professional Advantage

There are many advantages to using a professional for pest control.

First, professional pest control companies have years of experience in not only how to be safe and keep you and your family safe, but also what treatment products work best for each type of pest and which application method for each type of infestation of that particular pest.

For instance, nowadays, most pests can be treated outdoors without ever applying a treatment indoors. When we are required to enter your home, we know exactly the best places to treat to mitigate your infestation and never bring any risk to you or your family.

Additionally, a professional can accurately assess the infestation and then provide you with an estimate of what it will take to get rid of your problem for good. This includes finding out where they are coming from as well as specific details on how to treat them in order to stop any future problems before they get worse. What may seem cost saving at first, ends up being wasted hard earned money to only have the illusion of taking care of a problem.

That’s why we recommend hiring professional exterminators from Conquistador Pest & Termite Inc. because we have the experience and knowledge needed to handle any type of infestation or problem without risking harm to your family or pets. We also offer competitive rates so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank on these services either!

Call us today for more information or visit our services page. You won’t regret it!

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