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Plan Now For a Weed-Free Spring

With the temperatures dropping and the sun going down a bit earlier each night, it finally feels like fall in Tucson. Abundant rainfall has also provided some welcome relief to the city. But rain means weeds, and if you’re a property manager, that problem may be looming large in your mind. In order to help homeowners, businesses, and HOAs tackle their weed problems, we’ve developed a seasonal plan which outlines when to apply pre-emergent. If you want to prevent spring weeds, November is the perfect time.

When to Apply Pre-Emergent

The reason that November is the perfect time for weed control application is that the heavy monsoon rains which could wash away pre-emergent have passed. We use a granular form of pre-emergent that will gently dissolve into the soil. Light rains will only serve to aid absorption. In addition to having appropriate rain levels, November’s temperatures are also conducive for treatment. Weed seeds begin to germinate around 55 degrees. So the treatment will be most effective if applied before the first frost, when the soil is not to hot and not too cold.

As you can see from our diagram, an annual plan for weed control involves one application of pre-emergent in the fall and one in the spring, with spot treatments of remaining weeds in the summer and winter. Our customers have found that following this annual plan is what kills weeds permanently.

Commercial Weed Control

Our commercial property managers know that business tenants want the grounds to look well-maintained for their clients. In neighborhoods, HOAs have strict rules about weed control in common areas. While many of our customers are residential, Conquistador Pest and Termite also works to control pest and weed overgrowth for commercial properties.

Call Now for a Weed-Free Spring

Plan for a weed-free spring by calling today at 520-624-5901. We offer weed control only or combine it with pest control in one convenient Conquer All Package. We can’t promise snow in winter but we can set the stage for the next best thing in the desert: a weedless wonderland in spring.

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