What To Do About Ground Squirrels Invading Your Tucson Residence

squirrel on a fence line

While squirrels are common visitors to Tucson yards, the average person isn’t scared of them. Many will watch them in amusement as they gather nuts and run around. Sometimes, people will even feed squirrels that come into their yards. The reality is that pest control in Tucson should be called to handle squirrels. 

Populations of rodents in Arizona include squirrels. You should rush to eliminate them as you would with mice. These creatures may seem cute and harmless, but they’ll ruin your lawn, and even worse, they’ll spread germs and disease. Learn more about squirrel control methods, and how Conquistador Pest & Termite can assist you.

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Ground Squirrels 

Ground squirrels have several distinguishing characteristics. Above all, they typically build their nests and store their food in tunnels beneath the soil. You won’t see these animals in elevated spaces usually. Ground squirrels stand out physically as well. A few subtypes fairly resemble other creatures, such as chipmunks and prairie dogs. What they have in common with other squirrels are beady eyes, small ears, and projected heads. They aren’t set apart by size or color, either. Many ground squirrels are 6 to 15 inches long, with bushy tails that are 4 to 14 inches. Their coloration is often tan, brown, or gray

Ground squirrels in Arizona live around vegetated plots, fields, pastures, and rocky zones. They will gravitate to ditches and watery locations too. When they find their way to a residential area, they might burrow under a house or building. Examples of things they eat are:

  • Plants and grass
  • Insects
  • Roadkill 
  • Animal eggs 
  • Seeds 
  • Acorns
  • Nuts
  • Grains 
  • Fruit 
  • Fungi

It’s no wonder ground squirrels end up in our yards, because there are plenty of things for them to feast on.

Squirrels Hanging Around Your Property Can Cause Problems

The obvious issue with ground squirrels is they can destroy your landscaping with their digging and scattering piles of dirt. It will be difficult to maintain your gardens or crops, as they will voraciously consume the plants and whatever food they bear. Your yard will likely appear disheveled. In addition, ground squirrels may bang up your garbage cans and compost bins searching for things to munch on.

Given that they are rodents, ground squirrels have teeth that don't stop growing. To file them down, the pests will gnaw on anything. The foundation of your home is no exception. Wiring, insulation, piping, and more could also be targeted. 

As adorable as ground squirrels look, they can compromise your health. They have microbes, ticks, and fleas in their fur. Moreover, you could develop tularemia, ringworm, or typhus from contact with them, and your pets are susceptible as well. Ground squirrels can also attract their predators, like snakes and large mammals. 

Naturally Effective Tips To Prevent Squirrels Around Your Yard

You can avoid invasions by ground squirrels with these tips:  

  • Close gaps in and around foundations.
  • Cover or fill animal tunnels you find in the yard.
  • Put in mesh or wire fencing around the lawn, especially gardens. 
  • Regularly clip grass and greenery. 
  • Push garbage bins, wood, and mobile plants away from the property. 
  • Put trash in a tightly-closed canister. 

Arizona rodents like ground squirrels will find your property less appealing if you take these steps. 

The Safest Way To Keep Squirrels Away

Commercial yard sprays and other products for ground squirrels aren’t good for infestations. Plus, the chemicals can be too hard on plants and dangerous for pets. We at Conquistador Pest & Termite offer safe and humane ways to get rid of rodents. Our tools and treatments are advanced and specialized. Schedule a free inspection when you call today!

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