What To Do About Bats Roosting On Your Tucson Property

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There are over 980 species of bats identified by scientists worldwide, 40 of which reside in the United States. Bats are nocturnal, flying animals that inhabit dark, secluded areas. The best way to prevent a bat infestation is to bat-proof a structure and to do that, contacting pest control in Tucson for bat control is imperative. Conquistador Pest & Termite is the safest, most effective choice for bat control in Tucson.

How To Tell If Bats Are Roosting On Your Property

Sometimes it isn’t easy to know if wildlife control is necessary or how to tell if bats are roosting on your property. Homeowners have shared their property with bats for years and have been unaware of their presence. There are several different ways to tell if you share your home with bats. Bat guano looks very similar to rodent droppings, but is dry and crumbles to dust with very little pressure. If you see any feces in a loft space or around exterior spaces, check by poking at them with a disposable implement. If they turn to dust, chances are they are bat droppings.

Another way to tell if bats are roosting on your property is what’s called an emergence survey, which is performed during the summer months when bats are active. Watch buildings you suspect may be inhabited. Bats will leave their roosts near dusk to hunt.

Bat chattering is another clue that may alert you to the presence of bats. This is a sound that bats make at dusk before they fly out to feed. In late summer, they are particularly vocal near dawn, when their young are hungry, and call to their mothers as they return from their nightly insect hunting.

When you see any of these signs, it may be necessary to contact a professional pest control service to discuss the best way to control bats in Tucson.

Bats On Your Property Can Be A Health Hazard

It’s important to find bat control specialists when you suspect your Tucson home may be infested with bats because of the hazards associated with bats. One of the major concerns homeowners have is whether the bats infesting their home may have rabies. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know if bats have rabies based on appearance, so testing must be conducted. If transferred, rabies is deadly, causing brain inflammation. But bats are rarely rabid, with less than 10% documented as being rabid.

In addition, their droppings can cause histoplasmosis, and an accumulation of their feces should be professionally decontaminated and removed by a professional wildlife removal service.

Factors That Attract Bats To Your Property

Typically, bats are attracted to dark, quiet places with easily accessible food and water, so knowing how to control bats also depends on knowing how to control access to what draws them into your home. Seal any cracks and crevices with caulk, while paying special attention to any holes which lead into dark and secluded areas, such as attics and belfries, as well as screening attic vents and openings to chimneys and installing door sweeps. The only way to prevent a bat infestation in Tucson is to bat-proof your structure with the help of professional bat control in Tucson.

The Best Way To Remove Bats From Your Property

When you’re looking for the safest, most effective way to remove bats from your property, Conquistador Pest & Termite is the call to make. Call now to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Tucson.

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