Tucson Resident’s Guide To Avoiding Mosquito Bites

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Residents that live in Tucson, Arizona, enjoy the benefits of almost year-round sunshine. With so much sunlight, is it any wonder that outdoor activities abound? Walking, hiking, and biking enthusiasts can enjoy trails that weave through stunning landscapes, and a nearby national park provides over 91,000 acres of land to investigate. Whether you prefer to explore local landscapes or relax in your own backyard, one pest that can make outdoor experiences miserable is the local mosquito. Without Tucson pest control, you might get tempted to forgo participating in outdoor activities and opt to stay indoors.

Why Mosquitoes Are Hard To Avoid In Tucson During The Summer

While mosquitoes in Arizona contribute to the ecosystem, their infringement on people’s fun can get maddening. Unfortunately for residents, the summer months in Tucson provide the ideal conditions for local mosquitoes to thrive. Summer months are warm (which mosquitoes love) and usher in Tucson’s rainy season. (July and August typically have the most rain.) That spells trouble for residents because water helps mosquitoes increase their population.

Reproducing females use standing water sources to lay their eggs, and they don’t need a lot; one-half inch will do. They can lay upwards to 100 eggs at a time and only need about two days of recovery before they can reproduce again. With this almost continuous reproduction ability, it’s no wonder mosquitoes seem to be everywhere during the summer months. Since mosquito activities tend to ramp up in the summer, it’s good to know a trusted pest professional like Conquistador Pest & Termite is nearby to help limit their activities around local yards.

Five Tips To Minimize Your Risk For Mosquito Bites

Since female mosquitoes need a protein in a person’s (or animal's) blood to give them the necessary nutrients for reproduction, they’re always on the prowl for blood donors; this makes people fair game when they venture outdoors. People can help minimize mosquito bites by taking preventive measures before heading outside.

Five tips to prevent Tucson mosquitoes from biting include:

  1. Use an EPA-registered repellent.
  2. Cover arms and legs with tightly-woven clothing and wear socks.
  3. Limit activities at dawn, dusk, and early evening when mosquitoes are most active.
  4. Enjoy outdoor activities on days with a good breeze.
  5. Avoid wearing dark clothing (lighter/dull colors seem less attractive to mosquitoes).

While taking personal precautions to prevent mosquito bites is always a good idea, adding additional protections around your yard is also essential. Conquistador Pest & Termite can help get rid of mosquitoes in yards with professional mosquito control solutions.

Can Homeowners Eliminate Mosquitoes From Their Yards On Their Own?

Homeowners can certainly attempt to eliminate mosquitoes from their yards. Still, a homeowner’s best chance at successfully eliminating mosquitoes is with help from a pest professional like Conquistador Pest & Termite. Successful mosquito control hinges on a thorough knowledge of mosquito habitats and behaviors and the use of specialized equipment and treatments. Our 45 years of experience in the pest control industry and highly trained pest management professionals make all the difference when attempting to control mosquito populations. We can spot conditions around properties that encourage mosquito breeding or congregation and make expert recommendations to help homeowners enjoy their yards during the summer months.

Why Professional Mosquito Treatment Is Worth It

Professional home pest control from Conquistador Pest & Termite come with an ultimate level of service that will have you enjoying your yard again. Established in 1977, our 4th generation, family-owned and operated company strives to conquer the pests that “bug” you. We believe in setting a standard of excellence in the pest control industry, which means you receive top-notch service whenever we visit. Don’t let mosquitoes chase you indoors this summer. With a quick call to Conquistador Pest & Termite, you can receive an estimate on services to help repel mosquitoes from your yard.

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