Tucson Homeowners Guide To Effective Bee Removal

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When talk turns to bee control in Tucson, it’s usually Africanized honeybees that are being discussed, and as thoughts turn to protecting our families from bees, Conquistador Pest & Termite is who you contact for the best pest control in Tucson for superior bee control services.

About The Role Bees Play In Our Ecosystem

Bees in Tucson pollinate flowers, vegetables, fruit, and nuts, and provide us with honey and wax. They are also responsible for many wildflowers we see in the spring. However, bees can be a serious threat, and if you see them on your property, you should take precautions to protect yourself and your family.

Africanized honeybees in Arizona are known to be exceedingly aggressive, and all wild honeybees in Arizona are believed to be Africanized bees, which are impossible to differentiate from European honeybees. Descended from highly aggressive Africanized bees accidentally released in Brazil more than a half-century ago, these bees began migrating north and were tagged with the moniker “killer” because they viciously attack humans and animals that stray into their territory. These colonies do not have to be disturbed to provoke the bees. Simple noises or vibrations have been known to cause attacks.

Why You Don't Want Bees Hanging Around Your Yard

Bee pest control in Tucson is necessary because bees may settle into the walls of a house, damaging the home with wax and honey, and causing structural damage due to the weight of the honeycomb. These things can cause significant damage after the swarm leaves, with the abandoned honeycomb melting and seeping into your walls, especially with hot Tucson summers. Bee control is imperative to prevent structural damage, as well, because the bees fly into and out of their nests, foraging for nectar and pollen, often damaging structures by removing wood, insulation, or other building materials while making room for their nests. This structural damage may weaken walls and create leaks, mold, and other damage.

The Effective Bee Removal Solution For Your Yard

It is not recommended to try to remove bee colonies by yourself, because this could result in injuries to the person trying to remove the bees and to others in the immediate area. Instead, professional bee pest control services know how to control bees in backyards and will be able to deal with Africanized honeybees or hybrid bees.

Eco-Friendly Prevention Tips To Keep Bees From Returning To Your Yard

There are several ways to keep bees from returning to your yard. Here are some eco-friendly tips to keep bees from returning to your yard:

  • Seal up your house and patch any holes you may find.
  • Have a pest control company look for any nests and safely treat or remove them.
  • There are certain plants that repel bees, such as eucalyptus, lemongrass, wormwood, and mint. Planting these types of things will repel bees, keeping them away from patio and pool areas.
  • Cover water sources such as fountains or pools. Bees see these the same way humans do: as places to cool off. Invest in a pool cover that extends to the edges of the pool. The bees won’t be able to access the water.

If prevention fails and they come back, don’t hesitate to contact Conquistador Pest Control. We offer Complete Bee Removal Protocol, a professional bee removal service that eliminates bees and accesses the hive, and removes the honey, the brood, and the dead bees. We'll then clean, sanitize, and pre-treat the area against future bee infestations, and put the access site back to a “paint ready” condition for you. Call now for a free estimate and to learn more about our residential pest control services in Tucson.

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