Tips To Keeping Bats Off Your Tucson Property

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Bat control is usually the furthest thing from a property owner’s mind when they’re trying to pest-proof their space. The assumption is that these animals only live in remote caves far away from residential zones. In reality, swarms of them can be in the vicinity. Without wildlife and pest control in Tucson, bats can damage your home or business. On top of that, they might spread diseases.

While bat control products exist in stores, they often aren’t worth the money you’ll pay for them. Such goods are only mildly effective, if they work at all. Not to mention, you could put yourself at risk trying to catch these creatures. Find out what you need to keep them away, and how Conquistador Pest & Termite can intervene. We use humane bat control methods to protect your home and everyone in it.

How To Tell If You Have A Bat Problem On Your Property

Smaller bats are 2 3/16 inches long, while larger ones are 7 ½ inches. All have wide wingspans, with some stretching to 11 inches. Some are brown or tan, and others are black. Most of these hairy creatures also have big ears. Other pests are a substantial part of their diet, so again, it’s important to have regular pest control services. If bats detect beetles, mosquitoes, moths, or the like are on your property, they will come swooping down to feed. Greenery attracts them as well, since bats are pollinators and they consume nectar, pollen, and fruit. 

Once bats have landed around your home or business, they will search for an entry point to the attic. They’ll come through gaps around doors, facia boards, vents, chimneys, and louvers. A few may pop in belfries, outbuildings, sheds, or garages, too. Should they remain outdoors, they will sit in hollow trees. Signs of infestation are:

  • Hearing scratching or squeaking sounds
  • Spotting bats flying at sunset
  • Finding droppings 
  • Noticing the smell of urine; odors are stronger on warmer days

The moment you encounter any of these indicators, reach out to bat control specialists. The situation can quickly get out of hand. 

Can Bats Hurt My Family And Pets?

Bats are definitely a threat to your well-being and those you care about. In addition, your domestic animals could be in harm’s way. These pests tend to have mites, fleas, and other parasites in their fur, as well as bacterial cells in their coats. Bats are known for passing along pathogens and releasing feces with fungi linked to lung disease. In the event that you or a pet contract rabies from them, convulsions and psychological complications are a possibility. Bats will bite in a defensive state; immediately seek medical attention if that occurs. 

Five Tips To Keeping Bats Off Your Property

If you want to avoid bats and discourage them from surrounding your property, remember these five tips:   

  1. Have holes around rooflines and foundations repaired or plugged with steel wool. 
  2. Make sure that windows and doors are shut tight. Replace aged screens and door sweeps.  
  3. Put caps and covers on chimneys and vents. 
  4. Cut the grass and trim the greenery. 
  5. Refrain from over-planting or over-watering plants.

Don’t forget that bats feed on many other types of pests. Contact us at Conquistador Pest & Termite to get rid of both problems!

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bats On My Property?

Retail bat management products are not reliable and can even be dangerous to use. At Conquistador Pest & Termite, we have safe treatments and equipment that are all top-of-the-line. Our trained technicians will use dusts, lawn applications, exclusion tools, and more for the best way to control bats in Tucson. You can choose from a number of plans we offer. Call or email us today for a free inspection with no obligation!

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