The Ultimate Spider Prevention Guide For Summit Homes

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Spiders thrive in large populations throughout Summit, Arizona. They regularly find their way to the outdoor spaces that surround our homes. While spiders love to live near or with people to take advantage of our properties' food, water, and shelter, the opposite isn’t true. Most people don’t love living with spiders. These eight-legged, unsettling pests give a lot of people nightmares and are not something we want to find inside our homes. 

Though spiders like to live outside, they regularly wind up in our homes because they offer safe shelter to lay their eggs or because they have followed their prey indoors. Dealing with spiders in Arizona is a bit more problematic since our region is home to spiders with venom potent enough to trigger serious health hazards. 

Preventing spiders from invading your outdoor spaces in large numbers is crucial in preventing them from eventually moving into your home. Continue reading to learn more about spiders, the problems they cause, and how to avoid future issues with these pests. Partner with Conquistador Pest & Termite for effective spider control in Summit

Spiders Are Not Insects But Arachnids

When people think about common household pests, their mind immediately goes to insects like ants, cockroaches, and flies. But did you know that another of the most common pests to find their way into your home isn’t an insect but an arachnid? Spiders are a common household pest and a type of arachnid. Differences between arachnids and insects include:

  • Legs: Arachnids have eight legs, while insects have six legs.

  • Wings: Many insects have wings, while arachnids lack wings.

  • Body segments: Insects have three body segments, while arachnids only have two.

  • Habitats: Most arachnids are terrestrial, while insects can live on land and water.

Keeping household pests away, whether they are insects or arachnids, is key to maintaining a happy, healthy home. 

Why You Don't Want Spiders Hanging Around Your Home

In most cases, the spiders hanging around your home are mainly harmless. In controlled numbers, having spiders in our outdoor spaces is helpful; they help control insect populations that can harm crops, gardens, and people through their feeding habits. 

However, you don’t want to discover large numbers of Arizona spiders hanging around your Summit home. If you are dealing with high numbers of spiders on your property, it is likely because there are a lot of insects present that are sustaining their population. The problem with spiders and insects living in our yards, near our homes, is that they will eventually wind up in our houses. 

While spiders prefer to live outside, they commonly move indoors following their insect prey. Once inside, if insects are regularly available, they won’t be in any hurry to leave their new temperature-controlled accommodations. 

Easy And Effective Spider Prevention Tips

Preventing issues with spiders doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Making a few simple changes in and around your home can help stop spiders from moving to and from it as they please. 

Follow these tips to learn how to prevent spiders from taking over your property: 

  • As you come across spider webs, remove them. Spiders won’t catch their prey successfully if their webs are continuously removed.

  • Cut back shrubbery, tree branches, and other vegetation from your home’s exterior. 

  • Remove clutter from your yard and home that can provide hiding spots for spiders.

  • Plant things in garden areas that naturally repel spiders. Plants that repel spiders include lavender, basil, mint, and rosemary.

  • Repair cracks and crevices in your home’s exterior that allow insects and hungry spiders to enter your house.

Use these tips to make your home less hospitable to spiders.  

Total Spider Control For Your Home

For the most effective, comprehensive Summit home pest control, reach out to the local experts at Conquistador Pest & Termite. One of the best ways to avoid problems with spiders is to implement a year-round home pest control plan. Regular pest control visits will control the number of insects in your yard and remove them from your home. Spiders are predators and prefer to live close to their prey. If you remove their food source, they will seek somewhere else to live where they can more easily fill their bellies.

For help removing unwanted spiders and their prey from your property, contact the professionals at Conquistador Pest & Termite. Our professionals will provide high-quality pest control solutions that are effective and trustworthy. Call today to learn more!

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