The Most Effective Bird Control Method For Tucson Properties

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When you think about attracting birds to your yard, you’re usually thinking about songbirds eating from a bird feeder purchased from the internet or frolicking in a tile birdbath you bought from the farmer’s market. What you aren’t thinking about are birds attracted to your home by wood piles or your garden, lice-ridden pest birds causing thousands of dollars' worth of damage to your car’s paint with their feces, bringing the danger of disease to your yard and home.

Since some birds can cause structural damage to homes and businesses and others can pose serious health threats with their feces, having a bird control service knowledgeable about bird control methods is a must. Conquistador Pest & Termite is the go-to bird control service when you need bird pest control in Tucson.

Common Types Of Pest Birds Found In The Area

Crows, sparrows, and pigeons are all major problems for homeowners in the Tucson area and should all be considered when deciding how to control bird populations.

Crows can cause property damage, hurt your vegetable and fruit crops, and cause loud noise disturbances. Sparrows may build nests in and around homes, gutters, and drainage pipes, often clogging them and causing them to back up, causing water damage. These birds are minor pests, and aren’t considered major pests in the area.

The pigeon, however, can damage buildings, cars, drainage systems, and many other things, and can carry diseases that may be transmitted to humans. These birds also have long lifespans, meaning they can stay in one place for many years, making them worse over the course of time as they breed and do more and more damage. Pigeons are also homing birds, meaning they return to the place of their birth or nesting, time and again. 

Over the course of their lifetimes, birds will multiply, as do their damage and nuisance, creating even more problems for you.

The Problems Pest Birds Can Create

Since pigeon feces is highly acidic, it is corrosive and capable of causing damage to buildings, siding, and vegetation. In addition, these birds carry diseases that are harmful to humans and animals, such as salmonellosis, cryptococcosis, and toxoplasmosis.  Their droppings can also harbor the growth of a fungus which may cause histoplasmosis. Learning how to control birds in your yard and around your house is important in guarding the safety of your family.

Factors That Attract Birds To Your Property

For the prevention of pest birds in Tucson, homeowners need to make nesting and roosting areas outside their homes inhospitable. Birds are attracted to easy nesting areas such as voids, sloped resting areas, and easy landing ledges. Easy access to food such as fallen fruit from trees and vegetables from garden plants, is an attractant, as is pet food. Standing water is also an attractant.

Pigeons depend on humans for food, nesting, and roosting sites and are known for living in heavily populated communities where there is ample food and water available making bird control in Tucson a necessity.

The Safe And Effective Bird Control Solution For Your Property

The safest, most effective pest bird control solution is to contact a licensed and insured service with a solid reputation. Conquistador Pest & Termite will work with you to identify the issue and determine the best possible solution to your bird problem. Call us now for a free estimate and one of our pest management professionals will contact you and we’ll recommend a solution to rid your Tucson home of birds and take the needed steps to keep them out.

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