Scorpion Stings On The RiseScorpion Stings On The Rise

Scorpion ready to sting

The summer heat is here, and it is hot! That means scorpion season is here. We have been getting more calls than usual. The Banner Poison and Drug Information Center says there is a 20% increase in scorpion stings compared to last year.

Why Are We Seeing An Increase In Scorpion Stings?

While the scorpion season is related to hotter weather, the 20% increase in scorpion stings is being attributed to more people staying at home and socially distancing because of the coronavirus outbreak.

You been at home for months now and the chances are you may encounter a scorpion. The most common place for scorpion stings to occur is in the bedroom. People are not used to looking where they are going when they first get out of bed and end up stepping on one.

Arizona’s bark scorpions like to hide under objects, often cling to them upside down. This makes it much less likely that you’ll see them before you feel them.

New sanitizing routines have been a part of our lives with the coronavirus. It also means that reaching under a counter or a refrigerator could expose you to their sting. They can also sting multiple times. Another place scorpions hang out is the swimming pool and if you are not careful heading out for your morning swim, an encounter with a scorpion is a real possibility.

Remember, if you are at home, you are generating more waste and there is a lot more water usage. This is a better environment for scorpions. So, it is reasonable to say that increased scorpion activity is definitely due to the pandemic.

The best advice when stung by a scorpion: call 1-800-222-1222 and tell the poison specialists about your symptoms.

Scorpion stings can cause swelling, breathing problems, and uncontrollable muscle spasms. In Arizona, we are fortunate that we have a scorpion antivenom. It has been in testing for five years and the results are great. Young children and people with heart problems are most at risk from scorpion stings. The antivenom can save hours and even days of hospitalization.

While stings are painful, they are rarely fatal. The Mayo Clinic has suggested…

  • Washing the sting with mild soap and water.
  • Applying a cold compress to the area to reduce the pain.
  • If you are having difficulty swallowing, don’t eat or drink.
  • Taking over-the-counter pain medication as needed.

What Scorpions Live In Arizona?

Arizona is home to more than 30 species of scorpions. Only the Arizona bark scorpion has venom that can be life-threatening. Bark scorpions cling to ceilings and walls and hide in the dark. They rarely move in direct light unless frightened.

More facts about scorpions:

  • The bark scorpion is only about an 1 ½ inches long when fully grown.
  • Most of the scorpion stings reported to the poison center occur at night.
  • If they are inside your house, scorpions will go to any place dark and cool like corners, closets, shoes, and toy bins.
  • Shaking clothing, shoes, and towels are a good precaution against stings.
  • You can use a “black” light to find scorpions inside or outside your home.
  • Place the legs of cribs inside glass containers. Scorpions cannot climb the slippery glass.
  • The best way to keep scorpions outside is to see up an entry way with caulking. They only need a crack the thickness of a credit card edge to enter your home.
  • A scorpion will have a litter of 222 or so babies.
  • Other bugs are a key food source for scorpions, so eliminating other pests will help a scorpion infestation.

Conquistador Pest Control has a highly successful track record for managing scorpions. The key to getting rid of scorpions in your home or business starts with a property inspection to fully understand the environment as well as how the scorpions might be accessing the property. Our technicians are trained to understand how and why scorpions might be in your home or business.

We will develop an integrated plan to treat your home and yard to make your property less welcoming to scorpions. Call us today for effective scorpion control in Tucson, AZ!

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