Protecting Your Pets From Bees

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Bees sting dogs for the same reason they sting humans – they’re agitated. When excited or angry, bees will sting what they believe is a threat. Bees will patrol a wide parameter and are very protective of their nests and may remain agitated for up to 24 hours.

Bee Knowledgeable!

Dogs are at greater risk for bee stings than people, as they love to investigate, and they can use their noses to get into trouble! Most of the time, dogs get stung by bees because they get too close to a hive with their nose. This can be dangerous because many pets are defenseless against hundreds of stinging bees. Small pets even more so, because of their lower body weight, they are more likely to die from a Killer Bee swarm.

Killer bees will build their nests in whatever is around, including old tires, sheds, hollow trees, rock crevices, garages, junk piles, the eaves of a house, or even soda cans. Recently, the Julian family, of Arizona were devastated when four of their 4-week-old puppies were killed, when a swarm of bees unexpectedly attacked the dogs in the family’s backyard. First responders reported that the clutter in the backyard may have attracted the swarm of around 30,000 bees. “A lot of empty soda cans here, the bees like to feed off the sugar”.

Bee Alert!

  • Keep your yard clear of clutter
  • Inspect your property for bees
  • Have a professional immediately remove bee hives
  • Never tie your dog up in the backyard; it will limit your pet’s ability to escape
  • Keep all pets inside while mowing lawn
  • Spray pets with water if attacked

If you see a bee hive on your property, call a Conquistador immediately for removal to protect your pets. Because of their lower body weight, pets are even more likely to die from a Killer Bee swarm. If you pet is stung, contact your vet immediately.

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