How Are The Ants In Tucson Able To Find Their Way Into Your Home

an ant infestation on a kitchen floor

Unfortunately, the beautiful climate we enjoy here in the great state of Arizona also attracts a variety of unwelcome critters.

Ants top that list for most homeowners, thanks to their ability to inflict a disproportionate amount of hurt on the house they commandeer and the humans inside of it.

With over 300 species of ants in the Southwest, as a homeowner, you're very likely to come across them at some point.

Let's take a quick look at how to identify an ant infestation, a few ant prevention tips, and how to find top-notch pest control in Tucson.

How To Identify An Ant Infestation In Your Home

The first step in the battle against your unwelcome intruders is correctly identifying the insects invading your Tucson home. Ants vary in size, appearance, and habits, but these common signs will help make sure you're dealing with an ant infestation:

  • Live ants running around or dead ant bodies: Look for them where food is stored or prepared.
  • Ant nests: Ant nests will often look like small piles of sand or dirt with ants scurrying in and out of them.
  • Trails of pheromones: Ants communicate among themselves by expressing pheromones and will leave a trail leading home or towards food for others to follow.

If you suspect an ant infestation but have issues identifying the intruders, a call to a residential or commercial ant control specialist in Tucson will instantly clear the confusion.

The Many Problems An Ant Infestation Can Create In Your Home

It's important to take care of an ant infestation in Tucson quickly because ants can cause significant damage to your health and your home very quickly.

Besides contaminating your food, ants carry multiple contagious diseases:

  • E. coli
  • Shigella
  • Salmonellosis
  • Staphylococci
  • Clostridium

Ants aren't usually very aggressive but will bite if disturbed; their bites hurt quite a bit, and get infected easily.

Carpenter ants are the largest species of ants in North America and, unfortunately, one of the most common species to pick our houses for a colony location.

Carpenter ant jaws are powerful enough to chew straight through structural members of your house, and with enough of them on the job, they can be the cause of some very expensive repairs.

How And Why Ants Find Their Way Into Your Home

It's a lot easier to discourage ants from getting into your house than to figure out how to get rid of ants once they're inside, so let's look at what attracts ants to your home and how to bar them from it.

Ants are attracted to your home for a single reason — food.

Removing easy access to food, storing it in well-sealed containers, and cleaning up crumbs and spills as soon as possible can go a long way in keeping them out of your house.

Another tactic in your arsenal is keeping the following ant highways into your house sealed tight:

  • Doors and windows
  • Gaps in the foundation
  • Seams and cracks in the walls
  • Vents and plumbing leading to the outside

If taking proper precautions didn't do the trick and you now face an ant infestation, it's time to let ant control specialists take on the fight.

The Secret To The Best Ant Control For Your Home

An experienced pest control professional will evaluate the extent of the infestation, execute an effective ant control approach and ensure that your house is ant free and stays that way.

If you're facing an ant infestation in your Tucson home, give Conquistador Pest & Termite a call and rid your house of ants today!

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