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Tucson Weed Control

There is one thing that can ruin your landscape design’s appearance – WEEDS. Not to mention, dealing with weeds in your yard can be time-consuming, back-breaking, and in the summer, scorching hot!

Weeds are seldom controlled with one or two applications of weed control product. If weeds grow in your yard unchecked, they will produce seeds and spread throughout your property. You will find yourself facing an increasingly worse weed infestation.  Scheduling monthly weed control appointments can help you eliminate weeds and prevent them from growing back around your home or office.

4 Tucson Allergy Causing Weeds

They say the difference between a wildflower and a weed is whether it is wanted or not.

Arizona used to be the state that allergy sufferers would come to as a safe haven, but this does not seem to be the case any longer. Tucson has 2x the occurrence of allergies and hay fever as the rest of the United States. 

Here are Tucson top 4 allergy producing weeds:

  • Desert Broom
  • Ragweed
  • Pigweed
  • Carelessweed

Importance Of Regular Weed Control

Roof Rats

Roof rats are more active during November – May. The nights are cooler and roof rats try to seek shelter in the comfort of your home. The most common access point are overgrown trees next to your house. To make your place as inhospitable to roof rats as possible, keep your trees and your bushes trimmed.

Weedy Fire Hazards

As the hot weather begins, the abundant weeds caused by our November monsoons will dry up. Unfortunately, these weeds will become a significant fire hazard. You need a plan for weed control that will keep you ahead of the problem. Right now is the time to have your weeds cut down, raked up, and discarded. This will eliminate the fire hazard.

Pest Control

There is another reason weeds need to be controlled that people don’t often consider: they provide harbor for other unwanted pests. Unfortunately, bugs and weeds go together. Weeds provide all the conditions they need to thrive: shade, cooler temperatures, food, and a place to hide. Scorpions, spiders, snakes, and rodents are are just a few of the pests that find safe harbor in weeds.

Bugs and Weeds Go Together – Click here to read more

Effective Weed Control Measures 

The most effective weed control measure is to fix the problem before it even begins! Conquistador Pest and Termite can help you contain the growth and spread of weeds with our Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent (Spot Treatment) weed applications.


Pre-emergent herbicides are best applied at the end of fall and beginning of spring.

Our Pre-Emergent application stops weeds before they even start. This weed application is sprayed over rock or lawn areas and is absorbed into the soil to stop the seeds of annual weeds from germinating. It is easier and more cost effective to detect and kill weeds early. With just two pre-emergent treatments per year, you can cut down weed growth by 80% over six months. Our treatments are tough on weeds and will keep them from taking root and growing in the first place.


Post-emergent herbicides are best applied in the early to late spring and beginning of winter.

Post-emergence herbicides are used to kill visible weeds. Some weeds may have started growing, but have not emerged through the soil surface, so monthly visits and applications will be necessary. FYI: Weeds start to go crazy around February and March if no pre-emergent spray has been used.

Introducing Our New Landscaping Division

Pest control and landscaping fit nicely with our mission of helping homeowners to have properties that they can enjoy more fully.

  • Tree Trimming | Removal
  • Bush Trimming | Removal
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Weed Control
  • Property Clean Up
  • Rodent Den Removal

Be Prepared For Warmer Weather

With warmer weather coming in the next few weeks and months, the weeds and new plant growth in Tucson is going crazy. Conquistador Pest & Termite is licensed and bonded and warranties all work. We are here to help you with weeds and other pest control services in Tucson. Call us today for more information or visit our services page. You won’t regret it!

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