Getting Rid Of Roof Rats

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Where Did Roof Rats Come From?

Since they were first spotted in 2002 in Central Phoenix, roof rats have migrated south and are now running along Tucson’s rooftops. These desert newcomers are not the same as a ‘desert rat’. They are not indigenous to the Sonoran Desert, however, they have no trouble thriving in our arid climate. The roof rat population has increased so much that by 2017, Phoenix was rated #1 out of the top 15 cities in America infested with roof rats.

How To Spot Roof Rats

Recently, a rash of reports has been made about these rodent pests being found in homes and apartments in the northwest, as well as downtown Tucson businesses. Roof rats are not easy to spot because they are nocturnal. Some signs of roof rats can be easier to look for like: droppings, tracks, gnaw marks, grease marks, urine stains, live or dead rodents, and rodent sounds. Because identifying the signs of rats is the first stage before knowing how to get rid of them, we strongly suggest having a trained pest control company with rodent experience perform an inspection.

How Roof Rats Are harmful

Rodents are notorious for carrying germs and diseases, roof rats are no exception and are even capable of transmitting a number of diseases to your pets.

They have strong climbing skills and prefer to live above thus earning them the name, roof rat. This makes them more likely to enter a home or business from the roof rather than the foundation. Needing as little as ½” space, they have little trouble finding entry through attics, roof eaves, and small vent openings. Roof rats tend to be aggressive in their efforts to find food and shelter and will destructively chew wiring - a fire hazard - and wood to get into your home. Roof rats will make nests from insulation and once inside, they can multiply quickly.

Not only are roof rats destructive to your home, roof rats will often eat the pulp from citrus while the fruit is still hanging on the tree, leaving only the empty rind. What is critical is to get the fruit off the trees as soon as possible! But rats don’t just enjoy hanging fruit, they will eat just about anything, making them notorious for eating any pet food or trash you leave out.

How To Get Rid Of Roof Rats?

  • Keep them out of your home by keeping food supplies away.
  • Trim trees, especially fruit trees, and bushes.
  • Keep water away from your home.
  • Seal all the windows, doors, and cracks.
  • Work with a qualified pest management professional to determine the source of the infestation and potential entry areas in your home, which can help to prevent pest challenges before they start.

Rodents are virtually impossible to eliminate on your own. They are intelligent and will evade DIY methods like traps. Our professionally trained team has experience removing roof rats and rodent proofing your home. Call Conquistador for a free home evaluation.

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