Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Tucson Home The Right Way

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Bed bugs are one pest you shouldn't wait to treat, even if you only see a few around your home. The best way to eliminate and prevent bed bugs is to take action early and call a pest control service in Tucson.

In recent years the bed bug has returned in full force as one of the leading pests in Tucson as well as around the country. Trying to rid these insidious pests without professional-grade strategies and proper bed bug extermination can escalate into a nightmare.

Learn more about what attracts bed bugs and helpful tips to thwart their presence. 

Clear Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

At first glance, your body's reaction to bed bugs might be mistaken as an allergy response or bites from mosquitoes or mites. So, it's important to know how to spot bed bugs. Learn some critical signs that bed bugs have invaded your home, so you can take immediate action to give them the boot.

  • You see brown stains of bed bug excrement on your bed linens, mattress, or other upholstery.
  • There are blood stains on your pillow, bed linens, or mattress.
  • You notice itchy red marks on your body, especially in lines or clusters.
  • You see discarded bed bug exoskeletons, bed bug eggs or even bed bugs in or around your bed.

Don't let the size of bed bugs fool you into thinking you can get rid of bed bugs on your own without help. Bed bugs are excellent at hiding in the tiniest and tightest spaces and are resilient to many elimination methods.

How long can bed bugs live without food? These insects can go dormant and wait for a host for a long time, living for months or as much as a year without a meal.

Also, bed bugs in Tucson don't only hide in and around your mattress. So, where do bed bugs live? These pests will find anywhere they can to hide near people. They love cluttered areas and will also hide in dressers, behind walls, in carpets, luggage, and other places in your home.

A Bed Bug Infestation Only Gets Worse With Time

We can't stress enough how important it is to get a bed bug treatment from a professional pest control company as soon as possible when you see bed bugs. The longer you wait to treat the problem, the worse it will become.

Bed bugs might not have nests, but they hang out in large groups and will reproduce quickly. When a bed bug infestation is terrible, it can take multiple treatments to finally eradicate the pests. Unsuccessful attempts can drive bed bugs deeper into hiding or spread them across your home. These subsequent attempts can be both ineffective and expensive.

Strike early and strike fast to get rid of bed bugs in your Tucson home. For effective bed bug elimination and control, you can rely on a pest control company in Tucson, like Conquistador Pest & Termite.

Why It's Impossible To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own

You can try applying pungent bed bug sprays, putting down borax, or fumigating your home with bug bombs. You don't have to take our word for it, but it won't give you the long-term results you want. Chances are, after a few months, any surviving bed bugs or bed bug eggs in hiding will come back stronger, ready to take over your home and make life miserable.

For bed bugs, the best solution is to call in an expert pest control company. Even if you only see one bug, don't give bed bugs the chance to multiply and create chaos. Contact Conquistador Pest & Termite to treat your home for bed bugs with fast, effective, and safe treatments for you and your family.

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

Using store-bought sprays, traps, and bait isn't enough to cut it. You need professional strength bed bug control near you. We at Conquistador Pest & Termite provide heat treatment or chemical solutions to stop bed bugs in their tracks.

You can count on Conquistador Pest & Termite for bed bug control in Tucson because we have a warranty for all our pest control service packages. We won't rest until you are satisfied and will follow up to ensure pests stay gone. Contact Conquistador Pest & Termite today via phone or email to schedule an appointment and learn more.

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