Exterior Pest Control: How Effective Is It?

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Where you were when you first heard the term “COVID-19”? When you heard it, did you have any idea how much it would change your life? Most of us didn’t have a clue. But here we are, adjusting to our new reality. While that reality is different for everyone, it means most of us are staying in our homes more, and inviting people inside less. But what about pest control? In order for it to be effective, is it necessary for the technician to come inside your home? You might be encouraged to learn that exterior home pest control is VERY effective.

Exterior Pest Control: The Outer Barrier Protection

Even before COVID-19, exterior pest control had evolved to become an effective way to deal with unwanted pests. You may recall times in the past when it was customary to have technicians spray inside along baseboards. Thanks in part to the development of longer lasting chemicals, we can now achieve even better results by creating an invisible barrier along the perimeter of your home. In this way, we are able to manage pests outside the home before they become a problem inside the home.

On some occasions, such as when a problem already exists, indoor treatments are necessary. In these cases our technicians are prepared to do so with careful adherence to the strictest safety and hygiene guidelines under COVID-19. But according to CEO Ken Fredrick, an industry leader for over 40 years, external pest control alone eliminates 95% of unwanted pests. These external treatments are advantageous because they utilize different insecticide and they don’t require access to the inside of the home.

The Terrible Trifecta: Termites, Cockroaches, And Scorpions

Conquistador Pest & Termite is equipped to combat all pests, but some cause more emotional and property distress than others. Typically, the ones that cause the greatest concern for our clients are termites, cockroaches, and scorpions.


Termites are particularly troublesome because they eat non-stop. That’s right— 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They cause billions of dollars of property damage each year. And it’s not just wood they eat: they eat trees, shrubs, paper, books, and insulation. Our technicians once discovered a termite tunnel in a client’s couch!

Many clients ask what signs of termites to look for. Great question! In the spirit of “we’re all in this together,” here’s what you can do and what we do and to prevent termites:

What you can do: Look for tubular shapes, discolored drywall, buckling or squeaky floorboards, or peeling paint that resembles water damage.

What we do: Upon request, we start with a free termite inspection. We can then make individualized recommendations that are specific to your property and situation.


Though cockroaches are a common household pest, they are problematic for a couple of reasons. First, they hide easily because they can fit into tight spaces. Secondly, they carry as many as 33 different kinds of bacteria and are an asthma trigger for many people.

What You can do: When it comes to eliminating cockroaches, good sanitation is key, especially in the kitchen. Empty the trash, wash dishes and put away food to prevent them from feeding during the night.

What we do: Exterior pest control is effective against cockroaches. We spray along the perimeter of your home, and we also check for possible entry points. 


If termites are frightening for their destructive potential, scorpions are frightening because of their potential to cause physical harm. Scorpion stings are painful and sometimes more serious, especially for kids. No wonder a 2019 study revealed that people fear scorpions even more than they fear spiders. 

What you can do: When it comes to eliminating scorpions, good sanitation is key, especially in the kitchen. Empty the trash, wash dishes and put away food to prevent them from feeding during the night.

What we do: Our exterior pest control treatment is effective against scorpions. Not only does our product kill scorpions themselves, but most importantly, it kills the other insects that scorpions eat. A win-win solution!

Thank you for letting Conquistador help make your home a comfortable and safe place to be! While we can’t control everything about your environment, we can eliminate one stressful and undesirable element: insects and rodents. 

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