Effective Pigeon Control: Protecting Your Tucson Property From Pesky Pigeons

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For centuries, people have enjoyed watching birds. It can be tranquil to watch these majestic creatures glide through the air. And while birds are beneficial to the environment and fun to watch, having these flying animals around your home can be problematic. 

One of the most destructive and dangerous types of birds that Tucson homeowners have to deal with regularly is the pigeon. These birds can cause property damage and be hazardous to your health. At Conquistador Pest & Termite, we are a team of experienced professionals who have been providing pigeon control in Tucson for several decades. Here is a look at some of the most effective steps that you can take to protect your home from pigeons

Physical Characteristics Of Pigeons: How To Identify Them

Pigeons have a distinctive appearance that makes it easy to tell them apart from other birds. They typically have plump bodies with round heads and long tails. On average, pigeons measure around 12 to 14 inches from beak to tail. Their eyes are large and round and are a bright orange color. Pigeons can come in various colors, and most pigeons have several different colored feathers covering its body. Their feathers are usually a combination of brown, blue, gray, and white, and sometimes, they can have an iridescent shine. 

The pigeon's unique cooing sound is arguably one of the most distinguishing features of this bird. Instead of loud squeaks, pigeons use a soft cooing sound to communicate with one another. If you see these birds or hear the unique sound, you should consult a local pigeon control company. 

Understanding The Pigeon Problem: Causes And Consequences

Pigeons are not the kind of bird you want hanging around your home. Out of all the birds our pigeon control technicians run into, the pigeon is the one bird that homeowners seem to like the least. The reason why these birds are so unpopular is because they can cause a lot of problems around your home, which include:

  • Damage to your yard: Pigeons like to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and can cause significant damage to your gardens and fruit trees. 

  • Leave bird droppings around your property: Pigeon droppings are gross and unsightly. They can also contain harmful bacteria and other pathogens that can make you sick if you come into contact with them. 

  • Damage to your home: Pigeons cause damage to roofs, siding, and walls when they try to access an attic.

Pigeons can also bring parasites, like fleas and ticks, into your yard. If you have pigeons on your property, you need the help of a pigeon removal company. They have experience with other home pest control types, which will ensure that you don't develop a secondary pest infestation on your property. 

Identifying Pigeon Magnets: Factors That Draw Pigeons To Properties

Food, water, and shelter are the three things that will attract a pigeon to your property. They like all types of food and are likely to invade your garbage cans if they don't have a lid. While hanging out in your yard, they might try to come inside if the weather gets too cold. 

By having your home inspected by a local pigeon control expert, you can be sure that nothing around your home will draw the pigeons. 

The Importance Of Professional Pigeon Control: Benefits And Solutions

It can be dangerous to try and deal with a pigeon problem on your own. At Conquistador Pest & Termite, we provide customized pest control in Tucson, Arizona. If you are looking for a fast and effective way to eliminate the pigeons from your property,  give us a call today.

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