Are Termites In Arizona Active During Winter?

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Arizona can be one of the most beautiful places to be during the winter months. Despite the fact that the Sonoran Desert can see some very frigid cold nights, most who spend time here in the Southwest to escape the harsher winters of other parts of the U.S., visitors find Arizona a winter oasis. And we agree!

If humans are flocking here in the winter, does that mean that termites in Arizona, one of the most destructive pests we have to contend with, are taking a winter vacation?

How Termites In Arizona Behave In The Cold

It’s easy to think that you don’t have to concern yourself with termite damage during the colder months. Although we all wish we could send those home-eating monsters packing for the winter to be someone elses problem, unfortunately they are here to stay.

The bad news is, termites remain fairly active year round here in the Southwest since our winters tend to be a bit warmer. The lower temperatures do not slow termite activity as much as it simply alters it. The queen’s egg production is also fairly continuous throughout the year.

The good news is that they do tend to change their behavior a bit for some predictable outcomes. Subterranean termites in Arizona, generally speaking, will dig deeper to avoid surface cold. This creates more of a problem if you’ve been doing DIY termite prevention with surface only treatments. For pest control experts with the right seasonal expertise and technology, it’s very treatable if you find an infestation and preventable if you’ve had a history. And if you’ve lived in Arizona for any length of time, everyone has a history with termites.

You won’t see much swarming like you do in the summer months either, but you can still find termites in your home during the winter. Even though subterranean and drywood termites are not snow-sects, escapers of the cold winter months of the Arizona desert, they will take advantage of the warm shelter and warmer sources of food in your home’s walls and foundation.

Signs Of Termite Activity

There are a few simple things you can do to make sure your winter festivities are not rudely interrupted.

Look for mud tubes. Since subterranean termites in Arizona tend to be the most common, a warm home will see unhindered activity if they have already found their way in. So keep a look out for those mud tubes, especially in more damp areas of your home such as bathrooms and under kitchen sinks.

Piles of sawdust. If you’ve made it to the place where you are seeing piles of sawdust in cabinets, wooden baseboards, and other dark and damp areas, this could be a sign that you’ve had an infestation for some time and now that it’s colder outside, they are focusing their attention on what’s inside.

Small holes. Because of how fast termites in Arizona can work, if you see small holes in similar places, that could mean that treatment is needed quickly before you incur further damage.

Winter Termite Prevention

Arizona has two rainy seasons, after which, you’ll see increased termite activity. Summer monsoons from July to September and the winter rains of December and January.

Termites in Arizona need and love water. The best pro-active prevention you can do is scheduling regular, post-rain, seasonal inspections by a professional termite specialist. In the end, you’ll save damage to your home through early detection.

If you subscribe to our Conquer All Service, residential and commercial termite treatment is included when termites do make their way to your home after a good rainy season. That’s is our most comprehensive and cost saving pest and weed prevention package available.

With the record setting heavy rains we had this past summer and now our winter rains currently at work, call Conquistador Pest & Termite Inc. today to schedule a termite inspection. Our termite inspection is a no-cost-obligation service and will provide some great, after-holiday, peace of mind. If our inspection expert finds that you are free and clear of any signs of termites, we offer an annual termite warranty plan. If termites show up after inspection some time during that warranty period, we will treat your home at no extra costs!

Call us today for more information or visit our services page. You won’t regret it!

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