Are Bees A Landlord Responsibility

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When Is The Landlord Responsible For Bees?

Don’t rely on tenants or business renters to report these dangerous situations. After the 30 days of a lease, it is assumed that any pest infestations are caused by the living habits of the renter. However, an exception may be, bees. There isn’t much a tenant can do to ‘cause’ a bee community to choose your property for its hive. If your renters do contact you about bee swarming, remember that bees are among the three of the insects searched for on the internet because people are really afraid of them. It’s important to consider this emotional component – whether real or perceived, and when you hear about it from a tenant, take it seriously! Get the details and immediately assess the severity of the situation.

Ask These Bee Questions!

  • How large is the bee swarm and/or nest?
  • Ask for a bee photo, IF it is safe and possible for the tenant to take one.
  • Where is the hive located in relation to the home?
  • How long has there been bee activity?

Whenever bee activity occurs on commercial property, the urgency for a landlord is especially high, because the people in the household can have life-threatening allergies. If there are elderly, or children in the area, precautions should be taken immediately, both for the safety of residents, and to prevent potential legal issues.

Pest Control Experts For Property Managers

Having Conquistador Termite & Pest Control on your short list of property management experts, makes it easy to ensure that your properties remain bee free. In the event there is an issue, rest assured that it will be handled quickly by our team of professionals trained in bee removal.

Pest control prevention in rental properties for landlords and property managers is the most economical way to be sure that your property and its occupants are protected.

Bee Prevention Tips

Avoiding infestation is the best way to avoid pests, we all know, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are some simple ways to make your property less attractive to bees:

  • Keep shrubs, trees and tree limbs well away from the roof and siding.
  • Repair any holes dry rot in the structure.
  • Don’t permit residents to compost food waste on the property.
  • Don’t permit residents to keep chickens.
  • Don’t permit residents to leave food out for their domesticated pets or assistance animals.
  • Don’t permit residents to feed feral cats or wildlife.
  • Don’t permit residents to pile anything against the side of the structure.
  • Make sure foundation vents are solid. Upgrade from basic screens to rigid, framed vents.

Because bees are dangerous, it’s important to turn to professionals with any hive concerns. Call Conquistador Pest & Termite for a free bee inspection. Consider including a bee control program with our Conquer All Program.

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