4 Things That Attract Bugs During Monsoons

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June 15th marked the first day of the Monsoon 2020. The monsoon season is responsible for over half of our average annual rainfall each year. The National Weather Service has decreed a monsoon season from June 15 to September 30. While our summer rain brings much-needed moisture to Tucson, it also brings out the wildlife.

Many people will plan for the time of year with some basic preparations on their property. Although you may think your home is bug-proof, take some of our advice and make sure your home is in top shape! Here are 4 things that will attract bugs during this monsoon season:

#1 Improper Drainage... Termites

Monsoons cause the damp conditions that are attractive to moisture-loving termites. If you want to know how to prevent termites, it begins with ensuring the rainwater flows away from your house rather than pooling next to it.

Evaluate the current drainage patterns in your yard. For any drainage issues that causes water to pool, you can regrade, add a new drainage system, or even plant and build barriers to ensure the water flows away from your house.

If the monsoon damages your foundation, termites can gain access to your house. They only need a tiny opening (1/16”, about the thickness of a quarter) to enter your home. Damaged foundations are prone to termite infestation.

Termites are one of the homeowner’s greatest enemies. They can compromise the structure of your home without you realizing it because termites do their damage from the inside out. Termites are an expensive nuisance that cost homeowners an average of $8,000 in treatments and damage repairs. Recognizing the signs of a termite infestation is the first step in protecting your home against termites. The best way to locate and identify termites is to schedule a free professional termite inspection.

#2 Put In Drain Traps... Cockroaches

Cockroaches live in your home’s sewer systems. When your sewer system becomes flooded after a heavy rain, the cockroaches run to seek shelter elsewhere, including inside your home. This is especially true of the American cockroach.

There are U-shaped pipes under virtually all sinks, including floor drains. The purpose of these traps is to hold water, which helps prevent sewer odors from escaping into your property and blocks cockroaches from making their way up floor drains, sink drains, etc. An unused sink or shower floor drain becomes the perfect path into your home. A wet drain will keep the cockroaches away by running water into the floor drains. Another great tip is to install screen drains.

Conquistador Pest & Termite is seeing an increase in the cockroach population this year. We recommend a free inspection of the perimeter of your home to make sure all cracks and crevices that cockroaches could use as access points are sealed.

#3 Remove Standing Water From Your Yard... Mosquitoes

Standing water in a yard can lead to a number of problems. Puddles provide the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes, making it a likely culprit of monsoon season infestations.

Mosquitoes will nest in massive groups, as they look for places with standing water to lay eggs. You’re likely to spot them around bird baths, outdoor pools, and areas where rainwater has collected. During monsoon season, you will see an increase in mosquitoes. To prevent mosquito problems, look for collections of water around your home after a monsoon rain. Drain any pools of water.  Make sure item in your yard like plant containers, tires, or bird baths are not collecting water.

Not only can mosquitoes interfere with outdoor work or backyard fun, the Pima County Health Department said they can also make people very sick. Mosquitoes in southern Arizona can spread diseases such as West Nile virus, Dengue and Chikungunya.

Conquistador can implement mosquito control that helps you and your family stay safe. We use a specialized mosquito trap that is US-EPA registered. The trap lures and contaminates mosquitoes with special slow killing larvicide, which the mosquito spreads to other breeding sites. This means the mosquito larvae are not only killed inside the trap but also in the surrounding areas. The larvicide kills the adult mosquito within a few days to prevent her from transmitting deadly viruses.

#4 Waterproof Entryways... Ants

Make sure that your doors, windows and entryway flooring are adequately waterproofed and can withstand a good amount of moisture. Weather stripping under your doors and tear and bend over time and should be replaced regularly. Poorly sealed doors and windows will not only let out your air-conditioned air but let rainwater and pests in.

Monsoon season can also bring on ant swarming, which you may find alarming. Doors that seal poorly provide large enough gaps for ants to find a path into your home. If you see many ants popping up, do not ignore them – reach out to Conquistador as soon as you can. Carpenter ants can destroy your home’s structure as they create tunnels inside wood. These tunnels can weaken the wooden frames of area homes and businesses.

Stopping Monsoon Season Pests

Do not let monsoon season sneak up on you this year! Our team of Tucson pest control experts is ready to help you with any pest problems you face. We recommend before-and-after inspections around monsoon season to ensure protection for your home and family. Contact us today to schedule an inspection by an experienced specialist. You will have peace of mind and can enjoy the rain and cooler evenings that monsoon season brings!

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